S Cube Financial Consulting, the leading valuation and financial consulting firm, provides independent valuation services to the business, financial and legal communities.

S Cube offers its services to companies at all business stages. S Cube’s valuations have been reviewed and accepted by all the “Big 4” accounting firms, leading law firms, Israeli authorities, the SEC and the IRS.

S Cube is focused on developing advanced valuation solutions in order to fit today’s dynamic valuation requirements and regulations. S Cube’s team includes analysts certified by the NACVA )National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts). The affiliation with the NACVA provides S Cube with access to a broad range of financial information, updated valuation methods and databases.

S Cube’s services –

Transaction Advisory
M&A Valuation Consulting
Business Plans & Presentations
Fairness Opinions

Market Reviews

Benchmarks (Based on S Cube’s Research)

Financial & Tax Services
409A Valuations

Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP) & Warrants Valuations

Financial Instruments & Derivatives

PPA & Impairments (IFRS 3, ASC 850, ASC 360, IFRS 36)

IFRS 16 / ASC 842 Valuations
IP & Brand Valuations

Litigation Consulting

Expert Witness Opinions

Fairness Opinion & Solvency

General Litigation Support

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