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IBI Alternative Investment Funds

IBI alternative investment funds offer a variety of alternative investment solutions in Israel and overseas, in a diverse array of fields, including income-producing real estate in the US, short-term credit backed by real estate assets in Israel, consumer credit in the US and more. Alternative investment funds continue to gain momentum as a way to increase diversification and distribution of an investment portfolio, and they can help reduce the fluctuation of the property portfolio and reduce its exposure to the ups and downs on the capital market.

Our Alternative Investment Solutions

Volcano A Special Fund That Is the First of Its Kind in Israel, Which Invests in Short-Term Bridge Loans Extended to Large and Leading Real Estate Companies in The US

A special fund that is the first of its kind, which is engaged in short-term financing for some of the largest and leading real estate companies in the US income-producing real estate market. The purpose of the fund is to provide financing to real estate companies for acquisition of income-producing real estate. Other advantages of investing in the Volcano fund include seeking tenants with a high credit rating, distribution among a large number of companies that specialize in income-producing real estate in the US, short-term financing and work directly with real estate companies without brokers.


IBI TEVEL Investment fund for businesses in Poland, which specializes in investment in nonbank bridge loans

IBI TEVEL is a fund for loans to businesses in Poland, which specializes in investments in short-term, non-bank bridge loans backed by a first lien for real estate assets. Through the fund, investors benefit from a credit line provided to a local Polish underwriting company founded and controlled by IBI Investment House. The local underwriting company identifies short-term financing opportunities and extends credit backed by real estate collateral. All the assets and borrowers undergo strict due diligence. The funds makes it possible to invest in large-scale and highly diversified financing activity in Poland and offers fixed interest, a shekel-denominated investment, without exposure to foreign currency and a reduced tax rate of 15%.

IBI LION European REIT in Israel That Invests in Quality Income-Producing Real Estate in Spain and Europe

IBI LION is a European REIT in Israel that invests in quality and occupied income-producing real estate in major cities in Spain and Europe, with long-term leases and tenants in the fields of logistics, retail and HQ. The fund is incorporated as a Spanish REIT (in accordance with SOCIMI rules) and is expected to be registered for trade on the secondary market in Spain. The fund benefits from a special tax regime in Spain. Investment in the fund will enable the investors to benefit from regular dividends (paid from rents on the properties). Management services to the fund will be provided by an Israeli management company controlled by IBI Investment House Ltd.

IBI SPIKES Investment in Financing for Israeli Startups

SPIKES finances startups through a unique mode called RBF (revenue-based financing). This financing model is growing at a tremendous pace in the US and is now being offered for the first time to investors in Israel. RBF is characterized by significant adaptation to the needs of the companies. In exchange for financing, the company returns a fixed percentage of its revenues (royalties) for a predefined period of time, without the taking the risks of a lien (such as bank financing) or diluting the existing shareholders (such as with equity financing). Selection of the companies to receive financing and the terms of the transaction are done through a unique underwriting process that was developed in the US and has already been used to underwrite hundreds of similar transactions. This underwriting is based on mathematical models for analysis of startup risk, examination of historical cash flow and forecasting of future cash flow. At the end of the process, the specific financing terms for each company are determined, reflecting on the one hand the risk in the transaction and on the other hand that needs of the company.

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The Advantages We Offer

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    The many private investors and dozens of Israel’s largest institutional organizations that invest in our alternative investment funds demonstrate a high level of trust in the quality of the products.
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    The investment funds are managed by specialists with extensive experience in the fields of real-estate backed credit, US consumer credit, income-producing real estate overseas and more.
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    Stability and Experience
    IBI Investment House leads alternative investments in Israel for private and institutional investors, and it was one of the first to operate in this space.
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    Innovation and Creativity
    We use innovative tools such as unique decision-making support systems and creativity to deliver returns for our investors, while minimizing the risk.

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