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Delivering Cash Flow

Since 2015, the comRIT fund has been investing in quality income-producing real estate in the US, with a broad distribution. The fund makes it possible to invest in diverse income-producing real estate, including logistics center, server farms, storage centers, medical centers and more.

About The Fund

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    Fund Type
    Income-producing real estate in the United States
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    Investment Currency
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    Controlling Shareholder
    IBI Investment House
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    Managing Partner
    Ziv Sapir
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    Fund Age
    Established in July 2015

Additional information about the comRIT fund

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What’s special about the fund?
  • The comRIT fund specializes in income-producing real estate in the US and has in-depth familiarity with the various sectors. The fund acquires diverse assets, such that their combination leads to a wide distribution.
  • The fund has a low correlation with the capital markets, and its characterized by low fluctuation relative to the stock market.
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How do we manage the fund?
  • comRIT examines and analyzes asset portfolios in various income-producing real estate sectors in the US.
  • After making an investment, the fund regularly monitors the assets through site visits, meetings with the companies that manage them and analysis of the financial statements.
  • comRIT works in cooperation with leading property management companies in the US, each in their own field of specialization.
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Who oversees the fund?

Tzur Capital Management is the administrator of the fund. It calculates the fund assets, management fees, manages the register of partners (customers) and controls the movement of money in the fund. All the investments in the US are overseen by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

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