IBI Portfolio Management

We offer a variety of advanced investment portfolios, with a holistic approach to management of your financial and pension assets. Our investment managers specialize in a wide range of unique investments and in identifying investment opportunities in both in Israeli and global markets, with close personal guidance throughout the process.

Our products


A unique array of solutions to manage your wealth

The PREMIUM department specializes in providing solutions for high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and those with unique characteristics. IBI PREMIUM’s team of experts specializes in a 360° holistic approach to management of your financial and pension assets. Personal guidance and in-depth learning of your personal needs will enable us to work with you to create a smart allocation that includes a variety of unique investment solutions that are right for you. In addition to management of your portfolio, we believe in the importance of providing professional advice and guidance in supplemental investment areas, such as planning of intergenerational wealth transfer and pension check-ups along with tailoring alternative investment funds and real investments in income-producing real estate.


Innovation portfolio

Investing in a portfolio based on foreign stock in industries and innovation industries, which are one of the most popular investment channels. In view of the growth in technology consumption, we can see that over the past decade, the technology indices have been outperforming others. This trend was especially clear over the past year, when the sector remained relatively stable and also showed growth, even bucking the general trend. You choose whether to invest in shekels or in foreign currency. Additionally, through the IRA platform.


Global investment portfolio

Investing overseas allows you to benefit from a wide variety of financial assets and investment opportunities on the global market, which make it possible to effectively diversify risk.  A global investment portfolio is tailored to your needs, goals and investment range. The portfolio consists of quality securities, including ETFs, funds, stocks and foreign bonds. Zvika Shlezinger, manager of IBI Investment House’s International Department, one of Israel’s most senior investment managers, has very extensive experience in international investment management.


Responsible investment portfolio

Investing in a portfolio made up of companies that are evaluated according to their business activity as well as their ESG rating. In the managed portfolio, the companies undergo high quality double screening, which includes traditional business-financial screening along with quality screening that examines the company’s conduct and provides an additional in-depth view based on the criteria of the ESG Index. The portfolio comprises stocks and bonds with high ESG ratings, ETFs that specialize in companies with a positive contribution to the environment and society and investment in green bonds.



Leaders portfolio

With the IBI LEADERS investment portfolio, you will be able to benefit from one of the standard methods used around the globe for foreign investments, through funds and quality investment instruments managed by the world’s finest investment managers. Our investment team finds high-quality funds and investment instruments through in-depth and professional due diligence. What’s more, you will be able to benefit from investment products that are reserved for institutional customers and at a much lower cost than is standard on the market. The leaders portfolio offers numerous advantages, including the option of selecting and screening quality funds and ETFs, in-depth analysis of the investment products in the portfolio, attractive terms for IBI Portfolio Management customers (institutional class) and development of smart allocation in the investment portfolio.



Dynamic investment portfolio

A portfolio focused on the pulsating heart of the economy, through investment channels that offer a cash flow, with stable economic and growing economic activity. The investments in the portfolio focus on quality financial products and securities, including stocks, indices and select corporate bonds. The portfolio is highly diversified in terms of sector and geography, including technology, infrastructure, renewable energy, medicine, finance and income-producing real estate. Therefore, in a portfolio of this type, there is no investment in areas based on entrepreneurship or future developments.



Managed portfolio beta

A portfolio that combines passive and active investment, allowing you to track leading indices in Israel and worldwide wisely. The investment strategy in the portfolio is designed to generate a higher return than the base index. The portfolio is based on selection of investment channels (allocation), while making adjustments for market conditions and the defined risk level, using three main characteristics: sophistication, innovation and investment in companies with a high ESG rating.


IBI Financial Planning

Pension Insurance Agency

As part of the suite of IBI portfolio management services, you can receive a financial check-up from our pension insurance agency. IBI Pension Insurance Agency offers a range of services related to financial planning, retirement planning and more. Simply put, we help you plan and build the portfolio that is right for you. Of course, when the time comes, we will help you use it effectively.



Bond investment portfolio

The investment portfolio focuses on investment in the bonds of companies we believe to be strong and holding them until their redemption date (buy and hold strategy). In this type of portfolio, we expect a return from the interest regularly paid by the bonds (“coupons”) and it is possible to attempt to estimate the return the portfolio will yield in advance – as it is derived from the bond yield at the time of investment. The investment is suitable for those with an investment term of at least two and a half years.



Investments for institutions and corporations

IBI Portfolio Management has specialized for five decades in managing investments for institutional organizations and corporations, in management foreign currency surpluses and providing unique investment solutions in non-marketable parts. All this is done by senior investment managers, who specialize in institutional and corporate clients only. The team frequently and regularly participates in the meetings of the investment committees and forums of the managed organization. Companies, corporations and institutions benefit from the personal guidance of the senior investment managers in all financial decisions.


Kosher investment portfolio

IBI KOSHER enables you comply with Jewish religious law and the benefits of a managed investment portfolio. From now on, you can enjoy the advantages of a managed investment portfolio that takes the requirements of Jewish law into account.

Our Uniqueness

  • Global Exposure
    Diverse global investments, with banks in Israel and worldwide, foreign debentures and special investment management for the global market.
  • Decision-Support Research
    The Research Department of IBI Investment House is one of the largest and best established on the Israeli capital market and regularly reviews over 100 companies in Israel and overseas to enable the best possible investment management decisions to be made.
  • Professionalism and Stability
    Professionalism and experience of a stable, leading and successful investment house which has been offering unique investment solutions to private, institutional and corporate customers for 50 years.


  • A securities account that is managed by an investment manager. The money in the investment portfolio remains in the bank account, and the customer provides the investment manager with a power of attorney to buy and sell various types of securities, including stock, debentures, mutual funds, etc. The investment portfolio manager licensed by the Israel Securities Authority to manage portfolios, and the company at which the portfolio is managed must have an investment portfolio management license.

  • The investment portfolio is managed in your bank account. The investment manager receives a power of attorney solely and only to buy and sell securities in your account.

  • There are several important differences. First of all, a professional investment manager is able to do much more than an investment consultant at the bank. The investment manager receives a power of attorney to act in your account (only to buy and sell securities) and responds in real time to changes on the market, while an investment consultant is only authorized to advise on whether an investment is worthwhile. There are also substantial differences in decision making and ongoing activity in the investment portfolio: the investment consultant provides service to an average of 350 customers and also performs other functions at the bank branch. The investment manager regularly participants in the weekly meeting of the Investment Committee, leverages the services of the Analysis Department, acts in a much shorter timeframe through a power of attorney and provides personal service to a much smaller number of customers. There is also a major difference when it comes to fees. With the bank, a customer generally pays for buying and selling securities in addition to a depository fee. IBI customers benefit from the lower fees IBI receives from the banks, which saves money on the ongoing activity in the portfolio.

  • The IBI investment management team has been one of the keys to the company’s success over the past 50 years. All investment portfolio managers are licensed by the Israel Securities Authority to manage portfolios, and the company also has an investment portfolio management license. At the head of the investment management team is the Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Roni Filo, who has over 20 years of experience on the capital market.

  • IBI Investment Portfolio Management focuses on gaining in-depth familiarity with customer needs and finding the financial instruments that are right for them. The person who will be in touch with you regularly, all along, from the time you sign the agreement, is your personal investment manager.

  • The investment strategy is decided by the Central Investment Committee, which convenes weekly. Members of the committee include all IBI investment managers and is managed by the Chief Investment Officer. The committee discusses the events relevant to the capital market and their anticipated impact on the various investment channels: stocks in Israel and overseas, government debentures, corporate debentures and more. The committee also relates to various local and global macro data: the current and anticipated interest rates in Israel and worldwide, deficits, inflation, growth, other data and forecasts. Based on the committee’s analyses and estimates, a work plan in the various investment channels is developed, drilling down to the individual stock or debenture.

  • Yes. The investment policy for the portfolio may be changed at any time by contacting your personal investment manager.

  • The management fee is determined according to the size and nature of the investment portfolio. When the investment portfolio management agreement is signed, the amount of the management fee will also be determined. Some of the investment portfolios include IBI mutual funds, and in these cases, a management fee is not collected twice. Payment is only for the management fee collected by the mutual fund, according to its prospectus.

  • Your investment portfolio is liquid, and you can withdraw funds from it at any time. You can also deposit funds into your investment portfolio at any time.

  • You can view the status of your investment portfolio by logging into your bank account and by logging in to the Personal Area on the IBI website.

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