Israel’s leading and largest equity compensation management and financial services company, which serves over 3,000 private, public and international companies, and over 150,000 benefit recipients and shareholders in Israel and worldwide.

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Equity Plan Services

IBI Capital provides comprehensive trust and operation services for share- and equity-based benefit plans. The service is provided as a one-stop shop for private, public and international companies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

IBI Capital provides trust and operation services for mergers and acquisitions. as the escrow agent, paying agent and other specific actions required to conduct investment transactions.



IBI Capital provides independent valuation service in the business, financial and legal world through S Cube, the leading Israeli valuation and economic consulting company.


Financing for technology companies

IBI SPIKES invests in start-ups using a revenue-based financing model. The investment does not dilute the entrepreneurs or other company shareholders.


Trust management and intergenerational wealth transfer for families

IBI TRUST IL is the first institutional body in Israel to provide trust services and intergenerational wealth transfer services through trust.

Financial Trusts

Trust and operations services for financial transactions

IBI Capital provides trust and operations services for financial transactions such as bonds and credit, capital and debt raising, foreign currency trading for the trade arenas and compliance with the TASE articles. The service, which is provided by a team of professionals made up of lawyers, accountants and economists, is tailored to the needs of each and every client.

Expense Accounting Services

IBI Capital provides accounting solutions to companies for the calculation and distribution of expenses related to capital compensation grants, ensuring compliance with strict accounting audit standards. By leveraging our services, you can efficiently present your database and continuously manage expense reports in a clear and simplified manner.


Digital Signature

IBI CAPITAL provides a new service that covers the process of granting options to your Company’s Beneficiaries. Now you can execute the option grant resolution in a fast, economical, environment-friendly, and controlled manner. With iAccept It is easier to deposit the grant letters within 90 days with the 102 Trustee and to meet the ITA requirements regarding the deposit of new awards under section 102 to the Israeli Income Tax Ordinance


Optimize Business Processes

IBI Capital offers its customers an advanced service that enables setup an effective and efficient automated end-to-end (E2E) process, providing an easy way to streamline workflows, aggregate, manage and control intra-organizational data, by connecting human interfaces and information systems.

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