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A mantle of solutions for managing your wealth is formulated by IBI PREMIUM’s team of experts, who specialize in a holistic approach to managing your financial and pension assets.

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        More About Our Unique Solutions

        IBI CAPITAL – Financial services and stock options

        The leading and largest capital reward and financial services management company in Israel

        IBI CAPITAL serves over 2,000 private, public and international companies and over 100,000 benefit recipients and shareholders, in Israel and around the world. IBI CAPITAL provides services in a variety of areas, including management and operation of capital benefit plans, trust and operations services for mergers and acquisitions, company valuations, financial trusts, etc.

        Alternative investment funds

        Diversify your portfolio with innovative and quality investment products

        IBI Alternative Investments offers a variety of investment funds in Israel and abroad, in various fields, including yielding real estate in the United States, short-term credit backed by real estate assets in Israel, consumer credit in the United States, etc. The unique investment funds are usually characterized by a low correlation with the tradable investment portfolios that are an important part of the allocation and are likely to help reduce the volatility of the asset portfolio and reduce its exposure to capital market fluctuations.

        IBI PILLAR

        The real estate investment arm of IBI INVESTMENT HOUSE

        IBI PILLAR offers innovative investment products that are unique in the Israeli and international investment landscape and enables you to choose the income-producing real estate investment that is right for you and to invest relatively low amounts, in terms of real estate. When you choose IBI PILLAR, you are investing along with the leading real estate companies in Israel and worldwide and benefit from the knowledge and extensive experience IBI INVESTMENT HOUSE offers.

        Institutional Brokerage

        A one-stop shop for brokerage services

        Dedicated desks for trading of Israeli and international stocks, foreign and Israeli bonds and derivatives, bolstered by extensive, first-class research services.

        Investment portfolio management

        A variety of unique investment portfolios for private and institutional clients

        IBI Portfolio Management offers a variety of advanced investment portfolios, designed for private and institutional clients. The choice of investment portfolio is made according to your needs, desires and goals, from a holistic perspective that comprehensively examines all your assets. Our investment managers specialize in a wide range of unique investments and in identifying investment opportunities in markets in Israel and around the world, with close personal guidance throughout the process.

        Independent trading on the stock exchange

        Less fees and more service

        IBI TRADE provides independent trading services on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and on other stock exchanges around the world, with minimum costs and maximum service. IBI TRADE offers trading through advanced and innovative trading systems for trading in Israel, the USA and Canada. In addition, you can trade on most stock exchanges around the world through our trading room, operating throughout all trading hours, in Israel and in the United States.

        Mutual Funds

        Diverse investment instruments in various investment channels, in Israel and abroad

        A combination of active and dynamic investment management, along with investment management in imitation funds that track the leading indices in Israel and around the world. Mutual funds are managed in accordance with clear and consistent guiding principles. The mutual fund company has extensive experience in the capital market and knowledge of various market situations. The fund managers specialize in diverse, unique and innovative investments while finding investment opportunities in the domestic and international markets.

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