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Trading Department

The ISRAEL BROKERAGE AND INVESTMENTS institutional trading room is set up with dedicated desks for the various types of activities, including a desk for stocks traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, corporate bonds and local government bonds desk, derivatives desk, a desk for stock traded on foreign exchanges and a foreign bonds desk. Each desk is staffed with professional and experienced traders who specialize in a specific area of activity.

The work of the trading room is supported by the Research and Analysis Department that is considered to be a leader in the local capital market and provides its customers with all information relevant to trading: complex analysis of Israeli and foreign stocks and bonds, industry reviews, company announcements, responses to reports, macro events, reaction to items in the press and media, events on international markets, investment and trading concepts and more.


Research Department

Research at IBI is done on a larger scale than is customary by the other players on the Israeli capital market. The company offers extensive research services to its qualified clients and provides ongoing coverage of issues of interest at both the macro and micro levels. Among other things, the department provides research on global macroeconomic trends, analysis of sectoral turnovers and fundamental analysis of most of the companies on the leading indices of the local stock exchange.

The Research Department employs several analysts, headed by the Economics Department Manager and the Research Department Manager, all of whom have extensive experience and are highly familiar with the relevant sectors and markets. Furthermore, the International Research Manager at ISRAEL BROKERAGE AND INVESTMENTS is an analyst with many years of experience with global markets. Each analyst in the department specializes in a specific area and works in close cooperation with the various desks. The strong sectoral expertise allows the company to provide quality research that delivers added value. The industries covered by the Research Department includes the media, finance, real estate, energy and gas, technology, food and retail, industry and commerce.


Oversight and control

ISRAEL BROKERAGE AND INVESTMENTS has a set of controls in place, including internal auditing, compliance, risk control, credit control and information security. All of those involved in control perform audits and ongoing and periodic controls of the company’s activity and employee compliance with procedures. The Risk Management and Control Department operates in accordance with the various regulatory decisions and regulations and is responsible for identifying, assessing and managing the company’s risks and exposures at the operational and financial level (market risks, credit risks, liquidity risks, and more). The department uses technology to analyze data and conducts other projects and tests to monitor, identify and reduce risks and exposures. Additionally, surveys and controls such as risk surveys, SOX, and more are conducted by external professionals.

Our additional services

  • Investment banking
    We offer investment banking services that include accompaniment in transactions, research and analysis, locating investors, selling shares, providing loans to finance share purchases and financing means of control.
  • Market making
    We provide a solution for securities trading through experienced traders in the market making field.
  • Online trading
    IBI TRADE is one of the leading stock exchange members in Israel, with a long-standing and professional trading room, providing a variety of services to institutional, local and foreign investors as well as private investors.
  • CFX trading services and foreign currency clearing
    Advanced foreign currency services performed by CFX, a subsidiary wholly owned by IBI Investment House, which specializes in foreign currency trading services and has a currency service provider license from the Ministry of Finance.


For the past five decades, ISRAEL BROKERAGE AND INVESTMENTS has been providing brokerage services to most of the institutional organizations on the capital market and to many of the foreign investment houses that operate in Israel. All services are tailored to the needs of the specific customer.

The company is considered to be the leading and largest independent brokerage firm and for several years in a row has been named one of the top broker in the Trading Room Survey conducted by Globes.

ISRAEL BROKERAGE AND INVESTMENTS is a member of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the TASE Clearing House since 1973, a member of the MAOF Clearing House since 2015, and a member of Euroclear since 2014.

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