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Quality Credit Funds

QCF specializes in investment in short-term non-bank bridge loans. The fund extends loans that bear interest and are secured by liens on real estate properties. The credit is given to borrowers in Israel and the fund is denominated in shekels, meaning there is no exposure to foreign currency fluctuation.


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    Fund Type
    Non-bank bridge loans against private real estate assets in Israel
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    Investment Currency
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    Controlling Shareholder
    IBI Investment House
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    Managing Partner
    Dr. Eran Notea
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    Fund Age
    Established in September 2014

Additional information about IBI QCF

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What’s special about the fund?
  • The fund locates short-term financing opportunities and extends credit backed by real estate collateral, which is characterized by high interest. All of the assets are inspected by an external assessor.
  • The fund allows you to invest in large-scale financing, with wide distribution and to benefit from profit potential alongside security through a lien on the borrowers’ real estate properties.
How is the fund managed?
  • The fund receives offers to extend a loan from financial consultants, mortgage consultants, etc. The borrowers are people interested in receiving immediate credit, for example, people who need bridge loans until they receive a mortgage, foreign residents, returning residents or new immigrants. There are also businesspeople who do not want to use their entire credit facility with the bank and therefore seek out this type of loan. This is also true for parties to whom the bank has refused to extend credit.
  • After the fund receives a proposal to extend a loan, it conducts a thorough underwriting process for the loan, performed by a credit team, professional lawyers and third-party assessors. The fund examines the proposals for loans, and not all are accepted.
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Who oversees the fund?

Effective Stream Ltd., part of Glaskov CPA, serves as the administrator of the fund. Its main role: calculating the fund’s assets, calculating management fees, approving the underwriting, approving the terms of the loan and lien on the property, management of the partners register and control of the movement of money in the fund.

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More Information about IBI QCF
  • All real estate assets are inspected and assessed by an external assessor before the loan is given. Professionals in the field guide the fund, and it is overseen by an administrator and tax trustee as well as by leading Israeli accounting firms and law firms.
  • Issuing credit is a field that requires a high level of specialization. In recent years, we at IBI Investment House have gained a great deal of knowledge about the consumer credit and real estate fields in the US.

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