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Spanish REIT

IBI LION is a European REIT in Israel, a member of IBI Investment House and the LION Group, that invests directly in quality and occupied income-producing real estate in major cities in Spain and Europe, in the fields of retail, offices, commercial and logistical properties intended for strong tenants and long-term leases

The advantages we offer

  • Tax benefits

    The REIT benefits from a special tax regime in Spain

  • Credibility and immediate reporting

    The REIT is required to pay dividends to its investors (paid from the invested incoming rent) and transparency through periodic financial statements and immediate reports

  • Focus on income-producing real estate in large and key cities in Spain

    Madrid and Barcelona

  • Experience in the field of investments and the local real estate market

    IBI Investment House has over 50 years of experience in investment management. Additionally, the REIT includes an experienced team with long-standing experience in the local real estate market

  • REIT commodification

    The Spanish REIT will be registered for trade on Spain’s secondary market (BME Growth Market). Public trading offers numerous advantages, including transparency (semiannual and annual reports as well as immediate reports), creation of market power and goodwill of a publicly traded company. ISIN creation and a corporate, publicly traded structure at low cost, possibility of a quick public issue in Israel

The Investment Opportunity

The events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic created attractive investment opportunities in Spain, compared to other European countries, particularly in the real estate market. The economic crisis following the pandemic pushed local and international companies to act to realize assets to improve cash flow. As a result, we see that the return on assets rose while financing costs remained very low.

Due to the economic crisis in the country, the conditions for credit in the real estate market have grown tighter, which has put pressure on real estate owners and led to decreased purchasing power in the market. Spanish banks have once again begun making less expensive financing available for investments which makes it possible to take advantage of the low prices for purchases with good financing terms.

Investments in income-producing real estate in Spain are divided between large investment organizations and smaller players, with an interim market of EUR 3-20 million, in which there is a relatively low level of demand due to the nature of the investors in the market.

Additionally, the forecasts of the International Monetary Fund indicate significant recovery of growth in Spain in 2021 and 2022, with an anticipated increase in prices.


Dave has served as CEO of IBI Investment House and as Chairman of IBI Portfolio Management since 2019. Dave has extensive experience in investment management for private and institutional clients and specializes in alternative investment instruments, pension planning and taxation aspects. Dave held a number of other positions in the IBI Group, including CEO of IBI Portfolio Management, Corporate and Institutional Client Manager, Chief Investment Officer of IBI Provident and Study Funds and the Company’s Trading Room Manager.

Education: BA in economics. He holds an investment management license issued by the Israel Securities Authority and a pension insurance agent license issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Off the graph: Dave collects and restores vintage cars. He is a recreational and technical scuba diving enthusiast.

Dave Lubetzky , CEO of the IBI Investment House

Nadav Berkovich is a director with ISRAEL BROKERAGE AND INVESTMENTS who specializes in real estate and also serves as a member of the IBI PILLAR’s Investment Committee. Has a decade of experience as an analyst in various fields.

Nadav Berkovich , Real Estate Analyst, IBI INVESTMENT HOUSE and Director of IBI LION

Rafael Goldfeld serves as Co-CEO and Director of IBI LION. He was previously CEO and director of real estate investment companies in Western Europe and was a partner in establishing organizations for investments in real estate in Europe and the US, including a Spanish REIT.

Rafael Goldfeld , Co-CEO, IBI LION

Ohad Cohen serves as Co-CEO and Director of IBI LION. He was previously a partner in the establishment and management of a Spanish REIT. Ohad also started and managed real estate investment ventures in Western Europe and developed an extensive network of relationships with financing and investment organizations in Spain and Western Europe.

Ohad Kleiner , Co-CEO & Director, IBI LION

Motti serves as IBI LION’s Operations Manager and is a resident and citizen of Spain. He was previously a partner in establishing a Spanish REIT, where he was operations manager. Motti has over ten years of experience in the Spanish real estate market.

Motti Butnaru , Operations Manager, IBI LION

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