International companies frequently engage foreign brokers to manage their employee incentive schemes. In cases like these the tax regulations in Israel allow for the formation of a ‘supervising trustee’ arrangement enabling the company to make benefit awards to employees under article 102 of the Income Tax Ordinance without such assets having to be held in escrow by a local trustee.

Services to international  companies:

  • Building of work process for client and broker covering the administration of all types of equity award schemes (ESPP, RSU, RS, SAR)
  • Trustee services administered under the Supervising Trustee arrangement in accordance with the relevant income tax regulations
  • Operation and administration services including a bespoke equity compensation IT system
  • Management of scheme members – local and foreign
  • Management and employee guidance and support across all work processes, including on – site assistance and presentations
  • Worldwide cash settlement services through the I.B.I. dealing room
  • Calculation and withholding of tax, preparation of account statements and periodic reports.
  • Professional advice and support on tax, legal and accounting issues.
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