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How we work

The cash and financial assets in your portfolio will remain in your bank account in your name. We have dedicated arrangements in place with all the main commercial banks in Israel that enable us to manage your portfolio in a fully transparent manner and as effectively as possible, while saving on costs for buying and selling securities and other services.

Your portfolio is held in a dedicated investment account (at your bank). This is totally segregated from your regular checking account and means that we are able to monitor and assess the performance of your portfolio in the most accurate manner possible, avoiding any overlap with your day – to – day financial dealings.

We assume power of attorney solely for the purpose of buying and selling securities and are not authorized to take any other action in your account. This power of attorney and our contractual engagement with you can be revoked at any time.

Individual tailoring of investment strategy

People with securities portfolios differ in their investment objectives, attitudes to risk, desired proportion of liquidity and tax liability. So it is important that the portfolio we suggest is a perfect fit with your specific needs and objectives. To achieve this we will hold an initial discovery meeting to map out your specific objectives and attitude to risk and to understand your financial goals. We will then develop a customized management strategy and decide together with you on the right asset mix for your portfolio, taking into account whatever other assets you may have such as property, pension savings or business investments.

This discovery process is based on a methodology developed over many years to enable us to tailor portfolio management to individual client requirements as faithfully as possible using the most advanced technology available for this purpose.

Portfolio management

After we have established your needs and the right strategy and risk level for your assets, a dedicated manager will design your portfolio and manage it in line with your objectives and our overall investment strategy.  This strategy is reviewed once a week at a meeting of an investment committee chaired by our chief investment officer which all our managers attend. Drawing on the combined knowledge and experience available to us from our in – house research team and other sources, our team updates its strategy and this is then applied to the management of your portfolio in accordance with your specific objectives and preferred asset mix.

Once the design and composition stage has been completed, your portfolio manager will then monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis to ensure the asset mix fully complies with the management strategy we agreed with you at the initial discovery meeting. This will, of course, be adjusted periodically in accordance with the developments on financial markets worldwide and the changes, if any, in the overall strategy of our investment team.

A proactive approach

We believe there is no substitute for personal contact. Your dedicated portfolio manager will therefore hold periodical face – to – face meetings with you to review your investments in addition to being readily available by phone or email if you have any specific queries, so you can rest assured that your portfolio will be kept up to date and adjusted when necessary at all times. All our managers are licensed by the Israel Securities Authority and having an outstanding team of professionals has been a key factor in our success.


Our commitment to transparency in the way we operate means that it is important to us that you are able to review the performance of your portfolio whenever you choose. You can view the current state of your portfolio at any time by logging on to your bank account, or by logging in to the client area on the IBI website.

In addition you will receive an account statement by post or email with an itemized list of transactions, management costs as well as the return on your investments. These will be sent to you as often as you wish

Management that delivers results

  1. Accumulated experience  An important factor in a firm’s long term asset management is the wealth of experience of its management team and its skill in tailoring strategy to take account of the changing dynamics in financial markets. Here at IBI Amban our team of managers has been looking after client money for many years and they continue to work together putting their accumulated experience to work for our clients, old and new.

  2. A service built on trust – As a firm that initially specialized in institutional asset management when it first started out, we believe in taking a responsible and level – headed approach to investment management that accommodates your attitude to risk and your personal investment objectives.

  3. A personal touch  We make it our business to gain an understanding of our clients’ needs and to find the asset classes best suited to them. The portfolios we build for clients are therefore tailored to meet their changing needs over time.

  4. Backed by the security of an independent, stable and successful investment house – At IBI, investment managers have access to a full range of services to enable them to act on behalf of clients, from a best – in – class dealing room and fixed income forum to a market – leading research department providing leading objective analysis covering all asset classes and the latest macroeconomic developments.

This approach has been central to our success and track record in asset management over time. It is designed to give you complete peace of mind that your investments are in safe hands, now and in the future.

The success of this integrated approach is reflected in the continuous growth in our client list and in assets under management proof that we’ve been getting it right ever since we started out over 40 years ago.  

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