In December 2015 an amendment to the legislation was passed that reset the limits on securities trading by individuals.

Under this change, public platforms, other than market places, now give the general public the opportunity to invest directly in small and mid – sized businesses and projects, entities that were hitherto funded solely by banks and private equity.

The amendment builds on the recent growth in popularity of crowd funding and promotes investment in local industry by removing the barriers that were there before.

Poalim I.B.I. and Headstart have come together in a strategic partnership to launch a venture that marks the next  phase in crowd funding – Fundit .

Fundit is a share dealing platform that brings together investors and entrepreneurs ensuring maximum exposure and visibility and minimal mediation. We bring together Headstart’s knowledge and track record in crowdfunding and Poalim I.B.I.’s expertise in the financial markets.

A fair deal for everyone ? – absolutely!

Fundit is a P2P platform that represents a win – win situation for both the public and for ventures seeking capital.

Interested in investing? – Now anyone can invest directly in businesses and projects that were hitherto restricted to private equity. Retail investors buying shares through Fundit have access to professional input from investors with differing perspectives from a broad spectrum of professional backgrounds. This forum assesses the investment proposition and provides feedback on the Fundit platform, thus reducing the risk involved therein – if the proposition is considered ‘unsafe’ the transaction will not go ahead and the investor will not risk losing his capital.

Thinking of starting your own business? –  Entrepreneurs no longer have to rely solely on the capital market and a single corporate investor with a controlling interest in their business. Instead they can raise capital from a broad range of investors interested in helping their ideas reach fruition.  

How it works?

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