We feel it is hugely important that our services are accessible to everyone. To this end, we have made adjustments that ensure people with disabilities can access our services just as easily as everyone else. At IBI you can be assured of a service you can use regardless of your level of mobility and which respects your privacy in full. All company employees are knowledgeable in matters relating to accessibility, so that our service to all clients is as inclusive and welcoming as possible.

If you need assistance you can contact our accessibility coordinator at the email address at the bottom of this page.

Website access

The IBI website has been designed to be accessible in accordance with the web content accessibility guidelines laid down in SI 5568. This enables easy access for users with disabilities such as impaired vision to the various sections on our site.

Access to IBI offices

 Our offices are located in the Shalom Tower in central Tel Aviv. The building’s car park has a number of reserved spaces for disabled persons where you can park free of charge after showing an identity document. The lifts in the car park take you up to the information desk on the ground floor where there are lifts you can use to go up to our office floors. All entrances have front entry intercoms and ‘step hear’ voice guidance systems for the visually impaired so that you can let us know you have arrived. Our conference rooms are wide enough for people in wheelchairs. If you find it difficult physically to reach our offices, we will send a representative or licensed marketer to meet you at any place you choose. At any meeting with our representative, you can have the agreement or relevant text read out to you if necessary.

Customer help desk information

Our service advisers have been trained to handle incoming calls from disabled clients with the necessary sensitivity. We will advise you on the ways to get to our offices and the disabled parking facilities in the building or refer you to our accessibility coordinator. Our call routing system has been adapted for use by people with impaired hearing and a T coil hearing loop has been fitted to cancel out background noise.

For more information on accessibility please email our coordinator Lily Lavan at:


Arranged in cooperation with ‘Access Israel’

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